2018 Sign Ups!

We started Zone Five Racing because we wanted a team that would set the standard for working together towards common goals, work as a unit during the race and provide a solid group for team training rides. If you are looking for a team that will help you reach your racing goals click the button and sign up. The fee for 2018 is $250 and includes

  • Pearl Izumi bibs and jersey or Speed Suit
  • Snazzy Team Socks
  • Team T-Shirt for those podium appearances
  • Water bottle

New this year is the option to pay $350 by selecting the “Go Big Sign Up” to receive not one but two Speed Suits. You also have the option of selecting the new for 2018 black Speed Suit, but note that this suit is only to be worn in races featuring Cat 1, 2 or  3 racers. You should not buy the black kit expecting to wear it in the C flight crits or in Masters B. Purchases of the black kit by cat 4 and 5 racers will be approved on a case by case basis; we expect commitments to upgrade or to race with the “big boys” if you want to “wear the black.”

You may pay for your order with a credit card or by choosing COD. If you choose COD you will need to get your funds to Scott before the order date.

You should try the kits on before you order, even if you’ve ordered in the past. Fit kits are available at

Titan Title
10813 South River Front Parkway Suite 125
South Jordan, Utah 84095

Drue at the front desk will know where to direct you when you get there.

We’ll take orders until November 30th and then we’ll transmit the order to Pearl Izumi so you can have something to wear in February for our Annual Team Camp in St. George.

Please note that while we are excited to welcome all racers to our team, we do require that all Zone Five Racers follow our 5 guidelines:

  1. We demand that all members are respectful of each other, riders from other teams, motorists, and pedestrians. If you are a hothead or your friends describe you as a jerk, there probably isn’t a place for you on our team.
  2. When racing, our team works together. That doesn’t mean that you will have to sacrifice yourself repeatedly to have the same people go for the win. As a racer you will know when it is appropriate to work for others and when you should go for the win.
  3. To be a member of the team, you will need to purchase a team kit. Please do not take advantage of our relationship with our sponsors or put unrealistic expectations on them. Management at our sponsors has been instructed to tell Zone 5 leadership if there is ever a problem with one of our team members.
  4. Team leadership works with race directors to get discounts and priority registration for team members. In the case of LOTOJA, we are limited in the number of racers we can get into each category. In the case where there are fewer spots than racers who want to register in a category, team leadership will make the decision of who will be registered in the category based on the number of races completed and the contribution to the team. That means you may be asked to register in another category.
  5. Team leadership works very hard to provide the best experience for all members of the team, regardless of current ability. Remember they are all volunteers and do not gain anything for their service to the team. Be respectful of their decisions. If we want this team to thrive, all members will need to contribute.

To join the team you’ll need to read and agree to Release of Liability. Click below to get started!