About Zone Five Racing

Zone Five Racing was formed by a group of friends who enjoy riding and racing together. The focus of this team is racing, and our expectation is that anyone who joins the team is focused on improving their cycling and racing skills. It doesn’t matter what place you finish in races; getting out and making improvements is the name of the game. We have members who typically finish on the podium and others who finish in the back of the pack. Both groups enjoy racing both with and for each other.


We do have expectations that you should be clear about before you apply for the team. If you think what we ask of a new member is excessive, we politely invite you to look at other options. The team currently is populated with racers who have spent time and energy to reach their potential. We hope to be able to pass what we have learned to a new group of racers. We are all adults, so we may not have a specific rule to cover every situation because we expect team members to act responsibly at all times. However, here are some general guidelines we have come up with:


  1. We demand that all members are respectful of each other, riders from other teams, motorists, and pedestrians. If you are a hothead or your friends describe you as a jerk, there probably isn’t a place for you on our team.
  2. When racing, our team works together. That doesn’t mean that you will have to sacrifice yourself repeatedly to have the same people go for the win. As a racer you will know when it is appropriate to work for others and when you should go for the win.
  3. To be a member of the team, you will need to purchase a team kit. Please do not take advantage of our relationship with our sponsors or put unrealistic expectations on them. Management at our sponsors has been instructed to tell Zone Five leadership if there is ever a problem with one of our team members.
  4. Team leadership works with race directors to get discounts and priority registration for team members. In the case of LOTOJA, we are limited in the number of racers we can get into each category. In the case where there are fewer spots than racers who want to register in a category, team leadership will make the decision of who will be registered in the category based on the number of races completed and the contribution to the team. That means you may be asked to register in another category.
  5. Team leadership works very hard to provide the best experience for all members of the team, regardless of current ability. Remember they are all volunteers and do not gain anything for their service to the team. Be respectful of their decisions. If we want this team to thrive, all members will need to contribute.


There it is. If you are interested in joining one of the premier teams in northern Utah and have any questions, please email us at membership@zonefiveracing.com. If you have read things over and you’re anxious to get signed up, visit our sign up page for the next steps. Regardless of your experience or talent level, if you want to race and make improvements to your fitness and skill levels, Zone Five Racing may be the place for you!